Liverpool Adult Learning OFSTED Inspection

Liverpool City Council's Adult Learning Service was recently subject to an OFSTED inspection.

The overall result was Grade 2 (good).

GTDT delivers some adult learning provision on behalf of the city council and our Neighbourhood Learning Champions programme was referred to in the OFSTED report.

The inspectors found that

Good opportunities are available for learners to engage in community volunteering. Neighbourhood learning champions work effectively within disadvantaged communities with socially excluded people.
 and that
Learning champions provide excellent role models and promote learning opportunities to hard-to-reach individuals and groups within the most disadvantaged communities. Very good use is made of external funding to target provision at local priorities; for example, the inclusion of minority ethnic learners, economic migrants, refugees and those who are workless.
The neighbourhood learning champions programme is particularly successful in widening participation to learners from areas of deprivation.
You can read the full report on the OFSTED website.