Volunteers Charter

Why do we use volunteers?
GTDT is a non profit making, non governmental organisation which only has limited resources and cannot employ all the people it needs to and pay them a wage. But we know that there are local people who want to get involved with GTDT for a variety of different reasons.

Why might you want to be a volunteer at GTDT?
There are many reasons. If you have been unemployed for long time, volunteering can often be the first step towards getting back into a working environment. Volunteering will bring some routine into your life, giving you confidence and motivation as well as office skills. For students, volunteering gives valuable work experience and boosts your CV. And a lot of local people just want to help out and give something back to their community.

The deal – what we expect from you and what you can expect from us
As a volunteer you will not be waged but in most other respects you will be treated in the same way as paid workers. In return, we expect you to make some commitments to GTDT.

We will ask you how much time you want to give to GTDT. The amount is entirely up to you and all we ask is that you stick to what you have agreed. Depending on the nature of your work, we may ask you to complete a weekly timesheet so that we have some evidence that you have carried out voluntary work.

Everyone who works at GTDT is expected to behave in a professional manner and we expect this of volunteers as well as paid workers. When you come into contact with GTDT’s clients we expect you to be polite and helpful and, most importantly, to respect their confidentiality. We will also expect you to follow our Health and Safety at Work Procedure as well as any other rules which are brought to your attention.

We do not want our volunteers to be out of pocket. We will reimburse expenses which you incur as a result of helping us at GTDT. For example, if you volunteer for us in the evening we would expect to pay for your evening meal. If you incur travel costs, we will reimburse you. However, please note that if you are claiming benefits there may be limits on how much we can pay you in expenses. You should also note that if you are claiming benefits you must inform the Benefits Agency (or Job Centre Plus as appropriate) that you are starting voluntary work.

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