Google Juice Bar (what?)

Businesses which are online grow at up to four times faster than those that aren't and that's why the dedicated Google Juice Bar has been touring the region, offering free one-to-one advice sessions with Google Advisors.

Google's Juice Bar team is visiting Liverpool, giving local businesses of all sizes the chance to have an Online Health Check from the expert advisors.

It's an interactive, informal and friendly way to ask as many questions as you like, without a sales-pitch attached. Just simple straight forward advice about getting or growing your business online.

The Google Juice Bar will be at a range of venues across the city in October and November including:
  • Blackburne House on the 2, 3 and 4 November
GTDT's Digital Champions will be providing support to help local business people get the most out of their advice session with the visiting Google experts.

For other dates and venues, read the Getting British Business Online website