GTDT awarded Community Organiser Project

GTDT has been successful in securing funding to employ a number of Community Organisers to work in the local area. We are the only organisation in Merseyside to achieve this and one of only 6 in the entire North-West.

The Community Organisers programme will create a new home-grown movement of community organising for the 21st century, emerging directly from the strengths, concerns and hopes of all kinds of neighbourhoods across England.

Lindsey Guy, Chief Executive of GTDT, said "We're delighted to be the first organisation in Merseyside to host Community Organisers. This is an exciting, innovative programme that will engage local people and gently encourage them to become fully participating citizens."

Nationally, the programme will recruit and train 500 senior community organisers, along with a further 4,500 part-time voluntary organisers, over four years.

Organisers are dedicated, motivated people who will build trust, respect and networks through dialogue and a systematic, broad-based local listening process that ignites the impulse to act. RE:generate, the programme's lead training partner, will train the organisers using their ‘Root Solution Listening Matters’ approach.

The work of the community organisers will enable people to take action on their own behalf and have the power and confidence to tackle the issues which are important to them, rather than wait for the local authority or the government to do it for them. It will also enable them to make the most of new local community rights and opportunities to achieve their own aspirations.

Locally, community organisers will be recruited and hosted by GTDT. They will listen to residents in their homes, on the street and where they gather, and they will listen to public service and third sector workers, small businesses and local institutions to help develop their collective power to act together for the common good, as identified locally.

You can find out the latest on the project on the dedicated website or via the programme's blog

You can also keep up-to-date by following @corganisers on twitter.