Martha Lane Fox visits GTDT

Martha Lane Fox, the Government's Digital Champion (and co-founder of, dropped in on GTDT during her recent visit to Liverpool. She wanted to talk informally to some of the local people who use our UK online Centre to improve their IT skills and get online.

She spent about half an hour with us and gained valuable insight into some of the problems people face getting online in an area like Toxteth, as well as the ways in which GTDT is helping people to overcome these problems.

Some 8.4 million people are 'digitally excluded' in the UK, meaning that they do not have access to computers and the internet. GTDT is part of a national campaign to encourage people to try out the internet and get themselves online. If you're interested in getting online call in and one of our friendly staff will tell you what's on offer.
Martha Lane Fox meets one of GTDT's Digital Champions