Young People's Activities: help us decide

Our funding for Young People's activities has been cut and we need to review what we do.

Our first step is to find out what you - local young people aged between 8 and 13 and their parents or carers - would prefer us to offer. Once we've found that out we can try to raise some funding so that we can provide some activities for young people.

If you could choose only one, which of the following would you prefer?
(a) Term-time, Thursday and Friday evenings
(b) Term-time, Friday evenings and Saturday day-time
(c) School holidays, Monday to Friday day-time

Send a short email to telling us what you would prefer.

Better still, if you've got a bit more time fill in one of the response cards in our reception - that way you can tell us a bit more about your preferences.

We appreciate the time that you take helping us to decide what to do.