L8 Living Sustainably

GTDT has recently submitted a full application to the Big Lottery's 'Communties Living Sustainably' programme. Our bid is from a partnership which includes Dingle Multi-Agency Centre, Liverpool Food Alliance, Liverpool Vision, L8 Super Store and Rights and Humanity. The bid is also supported by a wide range of stakeholders.

The proposal centres on the effects of climate change and how these might be addressed and mitigated in the local neighbourhood. Our main focus is on local food and local energy. We hope to build on the existing local growing initiatives to encourage more local food production. And we hope to build on existing small scale green energy production initiatives to encourage more local energy production. In both cases, the local version should be more affordable, bringing economic as well as environmental benefits to local residents.

From around 300 initial applications, we were selected as one of 30 projects nationally which were encouraged to submit a full bid. Of the 30, only 10 projects will be funded. We should hear whether we have been successful by the end of August.