Donate your unwanted clothes.

We are working with Joe Farrag (SHAP, Granby 4 Streets, etc.) to support CalAid and Liverpool/Wirral Calais Refugee Action Group by acting as a collection point for donated items.

Our centre at 129d Lodge Lane is open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm for you to drop off your donations.

The first collection will be Friday 18 September.

In order to get things easily to where it needs to be and to not waste time please note the following:

Please group your donations separately - i.e tshirts size L mens in one bag, tshirts size M in another, shoes size 10 in one box, size 9 in another.

Please label them clearly so when we come together we easily join items together.

Toiletries - again separate bags.


- Shoes/Trainers (size 7-11) (no city shoes or high heels)
- Jackets (no wool)
- Socks
- Hoodies
- T-shirts
- Belts
- Tracksuit trousers and Jeans (32-36)
- Wooly hats
- Gloves
- Scarves
- Underwear
- Waterproof clothing

- Tents, Shelters, Tarpaulin, Canvas sheets
- Wooden Pallets (used for elevating off wet floors and as fuel)
- Travel bags- Candles / Torches / Lanterns
- Batteries
- Sleeping Bags / Blankets
- Cutlery
- Bowls / Plates
- Sports stuff - footballs /cricket /volleyballs etc- Puncture repair kits / Inner tubes etc- Spades- Buckets
- Camp Cookers
- Pots and Pans
- Umbrellas

- Soap
- Shampoo
- Toothbrushes/toothpaste
- Razors
- Toiletry bags
- Body lotion
- Shower gel

- Bin Bags
- Cleaning products
- Washing up liquid
- Washing powder
- Anti bacterial sprays
- Games - backgammon/chess etc
- Water carriers
- Medicines - paracetamol /aspirin etc (other medicines have to be given to doctors in Calais as need prescribing)

Garlic- Ginger- Sugar- Salt- All non-perishable food – TINNED kidney beans, white beans, chick-peas, green beans (no tinned pasta)- Rice, flour, (little or no pasta, NO couscous, NO bulgur, NO oatmeal)- Oil, LOTS of oil- Tomatoes in all forms (sauce, paste), - Spices- Long Life milk- Tea/coffee. No fresh fruit and veg!

What is currently NOT needed:
- Kids and Ladies Clothing- Sheets / Pillows- Suits- Town shoes - High Heels

There is also a Go Fund Me account to help pay for fuel and fund the trips, if you would prefer to donate in this way -