National Roma Network Forum

On 29th of June we have the pleasure to go in Sheffield invited by Migration Yorkshire.  Migration Yorkshire is the Yorkshire and Humber regional migration partnership and is hosted by Leeds City Council. Migration Yorkshire works with national, regional and local partners to ensure that the region can deal with, and benefit from, migration. We were invited to participate to the National Roma Network Forum. Was a great opportunity to meet and to learn about other organization that work with Roma community. We share our projects, experience and we learn from each other.
The main points and achievements that were in discussion:
• Roma communities have more engagement and inclusion in decision-making processes to influence service design
• Stakeholders better understand Roma community’s needs, assets, aspirations and priorities
• Better understanding of available Roma support services (including gaps and duplication), and opportunities for joined up delivery identified.
Roma communities and Roma support organisations come together to look at how best to tackle Roma exclusion in United Kingdom. This meetings starts last years in a unique context, just after the EU referendum vote in the UK.

‘We were lucky to be able to talk to Roma communities around the time of the Brexit vote, which helped us to understand in real time the everyday impacts of a very politicised moment,’ said Pip Tyler from Migration Yorkshire, the lead researcher on the project.
We were happy to see other work and projects that are made  in other cities. We want to thanks them for the invitation and for sure will be an open door for us to start a nice collaboration in different projects.