National Roma Network Meeting

On 28th of September we have the pleasure to participate for the second time to the National Roma Network (NRN) that was hold in Sheffield.

National Roma Network is a partnership of voluntary and community organisations, Roma community groups and individuals, representatives from local and central government and statutory organisations, universities and researchers.

This meeting was focused on Communities, Neighbourhood and Housing. We receive the invitation to participate in the Panel discussion. We have the opportunity to share our work experience with the Roma Community from Liverpool. The participants were very interested to hear what kind of experience face the Roma people in the community and how they are in relation with their Land Lord or house association. Unfortunately they hear from us the reality. A Lot of Roma families from our area were we work they are exploited and they are a vulnerable group for the Private Land Lords. After the discussion around this issue they were happy to see that we find also the solution to help the Roma community. First of all that we have employed a Roma Community Development worker in Liverpool and he make a training with the support of Riverside House association. The training was about property pool application. This application is great for the Roma to be able to access and to find a good home for them. The Roma Community Development Worker was a good example of how the City Council, House Associations and different partners can collaborate and make different projects in the Roma community and to break breakdown the barriers.