The Roma Guide

The comics journalism “The Roma Guide: 10 facts people should know about Roma was the winner (1st place) in the category drawing on the 24 International Arts Festival “ Amico Rom” (Roma Friend), in Castel Frentano Italy. Check the project

Since 1994, this festival, organised by Roma artists and activists in Italy    recognize the work of Roma and non Roma artists and activists around the world. The event held an art exhibition with the work of painters, sculptors and photographers, screening of the movie “Broken Silence” de Orhan Galjus, absolute winner of the festival and also of the movie Opre Roma” di Paolo Bonfanti. The music intervention was made by the group Alexian.

The Roma Guide is a collaboration work between the Roma activists including  our staff. Was a pleasure to support and to have this collaboration with "Friends of Romano Lav".