Cleaning Streets, Building Communities

On Tuesday Sean from Liverpool City Council's Recycling Team and I posted some leaflets inviting residents from Ritson and Asbridge Streets to join us on the 29 January 2018 at Granby Toxteth Development Trust to discuss ideas for increasing recycling in the area and reducing the rubbish in the streets and alleyways.

Our morning of leafleting coincided with the bin collection workers performing their weekly task of transforming these two streets.
I am a resident on Ritson Street which is where these picture where taken.

We took the opportunity to talk with some of the Waste Disposal Team and learned that this area is one of the most challenging in Liverpool due to the amount of rubbish and the level of work created for the team.  Every week they work extra hard to keep on top of the task at hand.

Here at GTDT, we want to thank these people for their hard work and dedication and realise that with the help of residents we could not only make their job easier but also improve the environment in which we live.

This will be the aim of the meeting next week, bringing together residents and council workers to talk about these problems and to come up with ideas to tackle them.

This project will be about bringing people together who want to make the place where they live a better, healthier, prettier place.

We hope to achieve this through reaching out to all the residents and through communication and education, raising their awareness so that we can tackle this together as a community.

Through supporting each other our hope is to achieve a greater sense of pride and well being in the place we call home.