Helping with the Clothes Rail

I’ve now been working at GTDT for just three weeks and large amount of my time has been spent helping with the organisation of the Clothes Rail.

So much hard work goes in to this huge operation and it couldn’t be done without the help of volunteers like Caroline, Marquerita, Natalie and Sonjia. However the reason everyone needs to work so hard is because of the sheer amount of donations we receive from the community. It has been amazing to see not just the quantity of donations but the quality!

We’ve now got a selection of suits and smart dresses for people going to job interviews. There are endless boxes of clothes for babies and small children as well as plenty of comfortable, casual clothes for both men and women, with mounds of warm cosy house clothes ideal for the elderly.

It’s great to see these clothes which otherwise would make their way to landfill being given a new lease of life! But most importantly these clothes will go a long way to keeping a lot of members in our community warm. They’re going to help people feel smart. They’ll enable people to leave there homes, allow children to be more active during the winter months and prevent people from feeling isolated. And all this will go a long way to enabling them to be happier and healthier!

Thanks to these generous donations and the hard work of the volunteers we’ve been able to distribute much needed items of clothing, shoes and toiletries to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

I feel very humbled and privileged to of been able to take part in this vital work.