Enterprise Hub @ GTDT

An Enterprise Hub @ GTDT Case Study
Ian Lewis

Ian has been receiving business advice from Enterprise Hub @ GTDT to turn his business idea into a reality. Ian studied to achieve a diploma in Music Production and Event Management and wanted to start a business using this knowledge.

Ian has revealed that setting up his business isn’t easy and that he is getting as much advice as possible to help him avoid making mistakes and he wants to be sure that he has everything he may need in place before making his business public.

Ian told us that the barriers he faces are the mathematical and financial side of things, as he is not very confident with his calculations and he sees this as one of the most daunting things he has to face, but he is accessing advice on the best way to sort out his taxes and the financial accounting side of things.

“The support from Enterprise Hub@ GTDT is really helpful! They make things easier and simpler for me to understand and they make me believe that I can do things myself. They are giving me the confidence and belief that ordinary people with limited education can be business minded and have the ability to be successful in whatever they are doing. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help you out and keep you on track and aiming towards your goals of a rewarding and successful business.”

“Since starting with Enterprise Hub @ GTDT I have been a part of three major city events gaining valuable experience. I have taken part in the Liverpool Horse Show, Africa Oye and the Liverpool River Festival.”

The things that Ian has noticed since he has decided to become self-employed, is that he feels that he sees life differently, it pushes him to be better, it makes him want to get more out of himself and it has helped him discover skills he never knew he had. “I love the idea of running my own business and working for myself, it gets you to see life differently, it makes me feel more alive and takes me more out of my own shell, I’ve discovered that I have a lot more skills that I didn’t know that I had, I’m more confident and it pushes me to be better in life.”

One of Ian’s big dream business goal is to introduce his brand locally, then expand nationally and hopefully to grow his business into Europe and to make a name for himself. However, for now, the goal is to have a successful and trustworthy business and to create the best impression possible so clients return and also for clients recommend people and to branch out in the community.