Keeping warm with blankets, soup and smiles!

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at the Community Lunch in St Bedes yesterday.

Lots of us braved the biting wind to join each other for some delicious homemade soup and some bus route inspired bingo! It was lots of fun!

However it was even more enjoyable being able to give away some more beautiful blankets, handmade from recycled wool.
I was also able to put lots of smiles on peoples faces by gifting them with lots of warm nightclothes.

There where even some coats to give away, all thanks to the kind donations we receive at Granby Toxteth Development Trust.

The majority of the people who come to the Community
Lunch are residents of supported living accommodation in the local area. Most of these residents are very isolated from the community due to disabilities such as dementia.

Once a month their amazing carers bring them along to St Bedes so that they can socialise and have fun. Other members of the local community can join in too and that's the most important part, those who are some of the most isolated in our community are able to come out of their homes and mingle with the rest of us.

This is all thanks to the hard work of Sue and Joe from the Liverpool Citizens Advocacy team based at St Bedes, not to mention the talented volunteers who prepare all the lovely food. 

Yesterday, many of those who came where able to go home happier and warmer than when they arrived, I for one feel incredibly lucky to be apart of such a lovely event.
I can't wait for next month!