GTDT Goes Plastic Free

Here at Granby Toxteth Development Trust we're working hard to reduce our waste. One of the ideas we've come up with is to go Plastic Free.

Like many others across the UK we have become increasingly concerned with the levels of plastic in our oceans.

An estimated eight million tons of plastic is swept into our seas and oceans every single year!

We felt it necessary to take action and do our bit to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment. We decided to do this by removing single use plastics from our Centre on Lodge Lane.

So we're saying goodbye to disposable cutlery, cups, mugs and plates and hello to good old fashioned crockery and perhaps just a little bit more washing up.

We also believe we may be the first community group to do this in Liverpool! Hopefully we will be leading the way for many other organisations to do the same.

We'll be launching our plastic free campaign on Monday 9th April.