Recycling money in the community since 1989

This morning we held our first meeting with the very dedicated, Marie, from Lodge Lane Credit Union.  GTDT are very excited to be working alongside the Credit Union in the lead up to them celebrating their 30th anniversary.

We've been busy putting together ideas about how we can raise the profile of the Credit Union and all the benefits it brings to it's members and the community it serves. To start with we'll be educating our own team at Granby Toxteth and inviting them to become members of the Credit Union.  We're also hoping to become advocates for the work the credit union does and the many positives this has on the community as a whole.

The Credit Union is a not-for-profit co-operative whose services are based on values of democracy, equality, solidarity and social responsibility.  They've provided local people with accessible financial services since 1989, with secure savings and manageable loans members are encouraged to become financially independent.  But perhaps what's most impressive is the way the Credit Union gives back to it's members by paying them what they earn on their savings as a collective.  This ensures that money created by members of the local community stays in the community, or as Marie brilliantly put it they recycle money!

Marie will be joining us again on the 26th of April to further advise the team here at GTDT on how they can become members of Lodge Lane Credit Union.

Call into see them to find out more information at 81 Lodge Lane L80QE or call them on 0151 734 2561.