Mental Health Session with Roma Men

We organise together with Liverpool Community Development Service a mental health session in Granby Toxteth Development Trust. The aim of the session is to raise mental health and wellbeing and explore what services available, this was a small session to see how it will be taken, because this the first session we have held to engage with men and young men with the Roma community.  The session went really well it was a relaxed session. The three services attended were, us as the Community Development service working with BME community around mental health equalities, also Dental health, Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison and Savera UK. Each services had 20 minutes to talk about what they do and how they work with the community.

The session was interactive and all participants were able to ask questions, nearly all of them did not speak English mostly relied on Alin the Community Engagement office for translation. There were 7 male and 2 women joined the group. The group found all services useful in particular the dental health, where some stated that they been to the dentist for treatment, but was told to pay even for the children care. Some also raised that they don’t where to go when not feeling well and stated that many of them are not register with GP and wasn’t aware how to register with a GP.