Tribute to Sheila at the Adult Learning Service

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I've been working with a group from Wheel Meet Again doing a spot of gardening down at the Granby Adult Learning Service. It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know them and we have a real laugh every week!

So I was very honored to be invited to a celebration of the life of Sheila Lavelle, a Wheel Meet Again regular who sadly passed away last year. Although I never met Sheila she is very much missed by the gardening group, so they wanted to give her a fitting tribute.

We have planted a tree in Sheila's memory (a flamingo tree, which reflects her glamorous and flamboyant personality!) and some rose bushes which will look brilliant next year. These frame a lovely memorial plaque to Sheila which was unveiled at the event after a lovely poem was read in her honor. We then sat down for a bit of barbecue expertly overlooked by the ALS chefs!

It was a lovely afternoon and I know the gang at Wheel Meet Again are proud of the work they've put into the garden and Sheila's display.