Back To School

During the summer we received  donations from the Community ,Tescos ( Park Road ) and Partners of new and preloved uniforms. We held three events during the last week of the summer holidays with our partners from Children's Centres at Picton, Granby and Kensington. They were on overwhelming success.

The manager Debi McAndrew at Granby Sure Start summed up the their event. "This initiative will help vulnerable families who we work with. Many are under financial pressures and this will help alleviate some of the pressures as well as ensuring children return to school with a new uniform like their peers."

From Picton and Kensington we received their thoughts too.  "The uniform events were really well attended. For families to be able to access support in an environment that is trusted in the community really reduces any stigma and makes help more accessible. We haven't been able to provide this service before and we sincerely hope that we can again. To see how excited some of the children are to have a new uniform is lovely. One of our Roma children twirling in her pinafore with a huge smile has been a particular highlight! Thanks GTDT for helping us provide a service to our families working in one of the most deprived areas of the city is always a challenge, but the load has been lessened by great partnership working, you genuinely make a difference, thank you."