Last day of gardening at the ALS

The leaves are falling from the trees which means the growing season is coming to an end. There was still plenty to do in the Granby Adult Learning Service garden with the Wheel Meet Again gang, though!

We planted up and caned some gladioli, which should continue to flower til next month or so.

This left room for us to plant some daffodils! These will stay asleep in their bulbs until the last frosts have passed at the beginning of next spring, at which point we should get a burst of marvelous gold.

Months of watering, feeding and pruning paid off and we finally saw some of the fruits of our labour. Decorative squashes, tomatoes ready for ripening and a whole host of herbs.

We're still seeing some lovely late entries in our wildflower patch, too, with poppies, Chinese asters and love-in-a-mist all making appearances. We're so proud we couldn't help posing by our little pollinator patch...