REAP - Session 4

This session was to understand how to support each other as a family to achieve and progress educationally and professionally.

We start the session with a discussion about “how we can measure success?” We split the group in to two small groups and one of each group present the discussion. We see the parallel between parents and young people. Was a little hard to involve the parents to think about their own success and to not think about the success of their children. We tell them that we understand the power of their love for the children and that they want all the best for them, but also they realize that needs to think about their own success and how they can identify the progression routes for the whole family.

In the second part we make a role play two show the steps that they need to get from job A to job B.

We show that for an interview job the English is very important and from this you can receive a better job. After the role play, we have a discussion that here in UK you have the opportunity to progress in your career. All this depends of the family’s to have ambition and be confident that they can be  good professionals.