Roma tradition/culture - REAP Session 3

To understand Roma tradition/culture and history and how it has impacted on educational aspirations.

Today in the third session we learnt about the Roma culture and traditions. The first part of the session was very positive because the families was able to join in, about their traditions.

In Roma families there are similarities but also a lot of diversity depending on what group of Roma you are. The Roma women discuss how it was in the past when their families don't let them to go to study because they were afraid be discriminated in the school or people to not be violent with them because they come from a Roma family from the country side and they need to go into a city to continue the college. Nowadays the parents realise that it was a mistake and they want for their children to continue their study to have "A DREAM".

In the second part of the session we make a little game to find the important facts from Roma History. Every family had a piece of paper in which was wrote (Migration, India, Roma Slavery, Abolition of Roma Slavery, Holocaust, Communism, Employability opportunity and Education opportunity). After we see in what period was happening we realise that our history was a Black History, without so many opportunities to do something with your life.

The Roma families realise right now that this period is beneficial for them and for their children to develop their skills, to continue their studies and to have the confidence that they can have a great career here in UK.