Hedgerow planting in Dingle

GTDT / L8LS has a plot at Park Hill Community Allotments, and over our time cultivating our beds we've noticed the diverse species of birds that enjoy hanging around there. We've seen pied wagtails, blue tits and all kinds of lovely finches. We thought, "why not give them a place to rest?", and so, in partnership with the allotment committee, we got in touch with the Woodland Trust, who sent us over one hundred trees so we could plant a hedgerow, which will provide birds with both food and shelter, and look great as a bonus!

We braved the wind and rain, and with our dormant saplings, started preparing the ground for planting. It is important to remove any pesky weeds, as they'll compete with our trees for space, light and nutrients and potentially stop them getting the start in life they need.

After we'd planted up our saplings, they were then caned for stability and protected from the elements with a plastic coating. Come spring, they'll be properly rooted and we can take these off and let them get on with it on their own.

Finally, we then applied a mulch, which is basically organic matter placed on the soil surface which acts as a weed suppressant, and also provides the soil with a little nutrient boost. 

We think our hedgerow is going to look great. Thanks again to the Woodland Trust for providing us with the trees. Cup of tea well earned, I think!