REAP Session 6 @ KCLC

After the first session we realised that some of the young Roma people that we work with, want to have a career in Police. This was great news for us because we invited two members of the police force to speak to the young people about this.

Stephanie Burke and Simon O'Brien from Merseyside Police, Community Engagement Unit, were invited to session 6 to speak about a future career in Police for the young Roma people. They present the opportunity to be prepared and to gain skills to become a Police officer. The young people understand that they can join the cadets and they are welcome to apply for this, it doesn't matter what background, social group, gender or ethnicity they are. They understand that this opportunity is good for them and is a chance to be heard to support their community and to develop skills to become fantastic citizens.

The young people spoke about what qualities it takes to become a police officer and what jobs the police officers do. Some of the qualities that they came up with were: honesty - police officers cannot lie to members of the public. The young people realised that police officers are willing to put their safety and lives on the line to protect the public.

Towards the end of the session the young people were able to put on some pieces of kit that the officers had brought with them. The young people loved putting on the vests, hats and helmets and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the police force.