REAP Session 7 @ KCLC

"Is he your friend?" or "Are you sure that you are Roma?" These were the main questions in the session after the Roma families viewed the videos about Roma students or Roma doctors. The session was a motivational session where they saw examples of what success, ambition, aspirations, families support and assuming Roma identity.

The young people were proud to say that they had the support of their parents to be professionals and the parents realized that this can happen also for their children if they will continue with their studies.

We also did an experiment. We showed that if we go online on Youtube and search the words "Roma students in UK" 99% of the videos we founds were negative videos and news about Roma people in the UK. This is why now is the time for the young Roma people to change this. After years we have Roma students in UK and they will be able to share positive videos about their experience to be a Roma student in UK.