REAP sessions 3 & 4 @ GTDT

Session 3 and 4 for our second group that participate in the workshop were full of new information.

In session 3 they enjoy learning new things about Roma history and culture. It was great for us to learn also from the participants and the experiences and history of their families from Holocaust and Communism period. The Roma parents understand that for their children and also for them now is a beneficial period to act and to gain new skills, to continue their education and to be a role model for the community.

In session 4, we work on the word SUCCESS and what it means to them and what steps you need to take to have success. The Roma families enjoyed this session but to tell you a secret.... more so the parents. Why? Because it was nice for them to dream and to see what they can do to change, to have new skills, to be able in the future to have a new job that they really like and enjoy.