Prepping the Beds @ Riverview Development Trust

Winter presents a nice opportunity to carry out some jobs in the garden that might have been neglected while enjoying flowers and harvesting delicious fruit and veggies in summer and autumn. One of these is a good, thorough weeding!

At Riverview Development Trust there is a set of raised beds which have hosted mint, potatoes, herbs and a lovely summer bedding display earlier this year. Whilst getting these clear, we've been studying our seed catalogues and it's getting us excited about what we might be planting next year!

We've got some long-standing lavender, which we're keeping as it smells great and is beloved by the local Dingle bees. What do you think we should plant?

Riverview Development Trust hosts many community and children's groups, such as the Scouts, who did such a great job in gardening last year that the famous Riverview cornflowers seem to want to stick around and brave the cold even as we retreat indoors. Doing us proud with that magnificent blue, there!