REAP Session 8 @ KCLC

Our sessions with Roma families from Kensington ended on 13 November.

We received amazing feedback from the young people and their parents about changes in the family.

Claudia, 33 years old, said "in the last few weeks, we see a change of behaviour of our children, they've started to ask questions to be more interested about their Roma identity and the most important I think is they have started to discuss more about future plans, dreams and what career will be suitable for them."

Gina, 42, said "With this workshop we learn a lot of things but really what I like was the interest that was shown for us, to have confidence and to try to aspire for new job or to have a good qualification. Mainly we understand that here we have this opportunity to build a nice future for our family."

The Roma family were thinking that this is the end of our work but this is only the beginning. We still have the theatre project, motivational training on 27 February an event with Roma families and Compassionate employers.