Meet Lisa and Sammy

Lisa and Sammy are detached youth workers employed through GTDT, who currently work three nights in the Picton ward around the Smithdown streets engaging with the Roma Community, in particular with the young people.

In the last couple of months they have been involved in a wide range of activities including getting the young people signed up for activities with Liverpool Football Club, Fire Fit and Picton Lifestyles. In the last few weeks they have started to do activities with the parents in finding jobs and signing them up for relevant courses.

Lisa and Sammy told me that their stand out moments over the last couple of months have been helping out at the grotto on Tiber Square and making pizzas with the young people and members of  Everton in the Community at the Unity Youth Centre.

I look forward in the coming months  speaking again to Lisa and Sammy to find out what other exciting projects and activities they get involved in.