Saving Our Energy at Riverview Development Trust

We spent our time during the first community living room of the New Year  looking at how we keep warm. It was certainly the right subject for the event as it we had all travelled there watching the first flurries of snow for 2019.

We all shared our experiences of how we keep warm. The most popular  being wrapping up (layering up) against the elements along with always wearing gloves, hat and scarf when venturing out. Feeling cold in the house is always helped by having plenty of hot drinks Brenda informed us. The biggest complaint was the cost of keeping warm.

We agreed that we would all go home and look at if we were signed up to the  cheapest tariff based on our circumstances. We said we would compare energy suppliers at our next community living room  which is scheduled for the 19 February 1.00 pm at Riverview Development Trust. All Welcome. It's a great way to make new friends, pick up tips on a variety of subjects and to have a good old chin-wag.