Granby Children's Centre Gardening Club - Week 2

The rain managed to stop just long enough for our learners down at Granby Children's Centre to spend some time in the courtyard, where they're developing their gardening skills.

We spent some time talking about weeds and why they can cause problems for gardeners. It's not all bad, though... we discussed how dandelions and nettles, for example, provide very many benefits to humans!

Next we moved on to a more practical activity: planting up our herb bed! There were some beds already in place, so we thought, "Why not put these to use?"

Sage, rosemary, thyme, mint and coriander were potted up in rich new compost, ready for our learners to take home for all their cookery needs!

For session 3, we'll be looking at how to plant spuds and onions in small spaces, and other ingenious ways to grow your own!