Keeping Active at Riverview Development Trust

We had a particularly busy Community Living Room this month at Riverview Development Trust. As well as our usual monthly activity which this time round was card making which everyone always loves doing we also had a taster session around chair based exercise. Considering the average age of this group is 75 they are certainly all aware of their own individual health and wellbeing which was further demonstrated when a number of them straight after this session went on the gym equipment which is accessible at Riverview to cool down!

We had some special guests this month from the Mayor's office including Cllrs Rainey and Wolfson cabinet members for volunteers and older people respectively. They spoke to the group about why they liked coming to the centre and what they got from it and were amazed by the number of people who volunteer in delivering "All the lonely people" project which is run from Riverview Development Trust.

The whole event was very uplifting for everyone who volunteered, attended and participated.