As we continue with our Community engagement reach out plan within the local area, GTDT contacted Mildmay House to offer our support with the Clothes Rail.

Mildmay House is based at 6 Blackburne Place Liverpool 8, and is a supported housing service in offering accommodation for single males and females aged 16 years or over, some of whom might have drug or alcohol dependencies and/or mental health needs. Many of them have come to Mildmay after sleeping rough and Mildmay gives them not just a roof and a bed, but a base from which to rebuild their lives.

Most people are referred to the hostel by the city council and other homeless services after being assessed for a place based on their circumstances. To become a resident, they are subject to a risk assessment and a local connection is required, for example family already living in the area. And for those who may have a pet companion, dogs are considered. There are no automatic exclusions

I visited Mildmay and was met by Amelia the Service Manager, to discuss holding a Clothes Rail event on their site and to see if GTDT could offer any other services. Mildmay have a common room, and computers that allow internet access and an in-house recording studio giving residents the chance to develop their musical talents.

We held our first Clothes Rail event on 25 April, where we gave away free clothing and were met by many of the residents. One of the residents said “I am so grateful to GTDT and asked if we could possibly get him some shoes next time’.

A few of the residents we met told us of their journey of how they became homeless, but all of them were smiling, happy and very grateful regardless to their life situations. I met with Kathy, a Support Worker at Mildmay and she added “We are very grateful that GTDT have given their support with the clothes rail as it gives our residents help that very often goes ignored by society within a hostel environment”.

We have booked another Clothes Rail event for 16 May and look forward to our next visit. Watch this space for updates.