Community Wildflowers on Agnes Field!

In partnership with Richard Scott from the Eden Project and local councillor Laura Robertson-Collins, GTDT were involved yesterday in the sowing of a new wildflower meadow on Agnes Field, on the side of Ullet Road.

We were up bright and early being interviewed by BBC Radio Merseyside, who helped to get the word out that we were going to be undertaking a task that would give a massive boost to the biodiversity of the the area. This was a huge piece of land, so we were going to need a lot of help from local residents!

Well, needless to say the turnout was really inspiring. Richard addressed the crowd of green-fingered locals and instructed us all in how to mix our seeds.

People young and old turned up to show their support for the environmental health of the Greenbank ward and city at large.

Ullet Road is a busy route into the city centre, and we can't wait until our wildflowers are established and greeting people - and pollinators - with a beautiful blanket of colour.

We were treated to musicians, food and drink, and our younger gardeners even made a scarecrow to keep the pesky birds away whilst our meadow gets established. Keep an eye out for seedlings popping up over the next month or so!