Neighbour Day in Toxteth

How you can celebrate this day? The Roma children come along and they think that the best way to celebrate this day is to be thankful to their neighbours with a handmade card and a colourful flower.
We invite the children to a session of arts and crafts, were they learn to make a nice flower and a card for their neighbour.

Was a lovely day to discuss with them about their neighbours and to tell us stories how they support each other’s in the community.  In the next day when we go to give the flowers and the cards to their neighbours, the Roma children were so excited to show them that they are thankful and that they are happy to have a “Good Neighbour*.

In the last years we see a lot of media reports about the tensions from this area between the Roma and the wide community.  We wanted to show that this tension is not that bad. We want to show the neighbours that are tolerant, open to a new culture and that they really love to stay with a Roma neighbour.

With an innocent smile and a flower you can be a HERO.