Alexandra Rose Day @ Granby Children's Centre

Last week, GTDT took part in the Alexandra Rose Day celebrations at Granby Children's Centre. The Alexandra Rose Charity has been around since 1912 and was established to alleviate poverty. Its annual Rose Day gets people together for activities, discussions and celebrations, usually with a focus on food.

The charity's Rose Vouchers help families on low-incomes buy fresh fruit and vegetables, working with local traders and children's centres to support them in giving their children a healthy start. In-keeping with this work, GTDT were on-site showing people around the garden we worked with Granby Children's Centre to establish, making up herb bags for attendees!

After taking part in such activities as making fruit kebabs and cut flower displays, we were asked to make our way to the garden, where we planted up a beautiful rose bush. It was a wonderful day of celebration and we at GTDT enjoyed meeting local people and cultivating our relationships with other organisations in the L8 area.