Youth Zone at Loving Lodge Lane

As part of our annual event Loving Lodge Lane, we are introducing a new area which is the Youth Zone!

The reason for the Youth Zone this year is because there was a meeting with the Princes Park youth consortium and we identified that there was a need for training and awareness for young people and families. In the meeting we discussed how the youth are important to us all and with us holding the annual event Loving Lodge Lane there was an opportunity for us to hold prevention workshops that will educate young people and their families on crime and consequences. There is a chance for essential skills to be learned by all.  There will be opportunities for the youth to participate in positive activities such as football, boxing and bike projects.

This area will be held on Tiber Square, Lodge Lane. It will be 3pm - 5:30pm with loads of great awareness raising activities.

There are some footwear restrictions for anybody wanting to be a part of the activities on the 3G pitch.