Happy Mandela Day

 The Mandela 8 project asked GTDT a number of weeks ago to get involved with the barrel garden project.

The barrel garden project comes from when Mandela had a vegetable patch in the prison courtyard on Robben Island, this is where he tended to his chilli and tomato plants.

It was only when he transferred to another prison that he presided over a rooftop garden which had been made from sawn- off oil drums that was filled with soil.

So after speaking with Nze and Sonia from the Mandela8 project, GTDT got cracking with ordering the items that would be needed to get this project up and running.

And to celebrate Mandelas birthday we have made the first 4 barrel gardens that will be going to local schools before they break for the summer holiday.

Each barrel is made up of a Lemon or an Olive tree and 5 herbs plants.

 We got a stencil made so that we could spray the logo on.

 Got some help from the team at the Bridge

If you would like to learn more about Nelson Mandela please check out https://www.mandela8.org.uk/