Loving Lodge Lane - Youth Zone

Last Friday was our annual Loving Lodge Lane event, and it was great to see the young people of our community out and about, having fun together and taking part in the many activities down at the Youth Zone on Tiber Square.

Partners including Steve Biko Housing, Your Edge and Bully Busters provided our young people with activities that were as engaging as they were educational. British Red Cross were on site to offer instructions on how to dress wounds and carry out emergency first aid, and LFC and Anfield Boxing Club brought their Real Men Don't Carry Knives campaign to us. Our young people were absolutely fantastic, engaging thoughtfully with the message.

Our very own Lisa was on-site, mingling with local businesses such as Khadja Hair Salon, pictured here stopping for a braid and weave! The day ended on a great note, with Everton in the Community and Earl from Kingsley FC kicking off a match on the Tiber 3G pitch with the Unity Juniors. They'd just completed a bag-pack, so fair to say they'd earned it. A fantastic end to the best Loving Lodge Lane yet!