Picton Consultation

Whilst Picton Childrens Centre enjoyed their annual street party GTDT went along to start our community consultation.

A month or so ago, Cllr Paul Kenyon asked GTDT  if we could help him find out what the community would like to see happen on the large green space to the back of the Picton Childrens Centre.

Its a large site and we have already spoken to Mersey Forest who are willing to get involved with planting trees and shrubs but before anything can happen on the site we have to consult the community.

So on Saturday  Jules and I rocked up with our board, questionnaires and starting chatting to the local residents of what they would like to see on the site.

This is the first stage of our consultation and the next stage will be a door to door consultation to the 600 homes that surround the site.

Keep posted for more details.