Tackling food poverty in the Riverside ward

A couple of weeks ago, GTDT was involved in a meeting with local youth provision providers.
One of the key discussions involved how we are going tackle food poverty during the school summer holidays.

We contacted Fareshare, a local surplus stock scheme in Liverpool, with a view to arranging an account and were surprised to find we were part of a long waiting list of organisations like ourselves who have been hoping to get an account for some time. However when we told Fareshare about our plans to pilot a ward based food collective scheme, where ourselves and 4 other partners will be involved in providing food for young people and where they are able to go to a number of partners to have something to eat throughout the day.

Riverview Development Trust, our satellite community organisation in the Riverside ward will be the "Pantry" where all the food will be delivered to. We will then equally distribute the surplus stock to the Florrie (who will be holding a stay and play which will involve breakfast and lunch), Riverview (who will be making a lunch time meal with snacks) and St Johns (who will be cooking an early evening meal). Our fourth partner is Erroll, from the "De Hungry Must Be Fed" project, who will be delivering 2 cooking sessions per week where he will be demonstrating how to cook nutritious food from what is provided.