Plantastic times at Toxteth Town Hall

I was delighted to be invited the other week to Toxteth Town Hall for their Activity Club, which helps older local people - some living with dementia, some not - stay engaged in their community and come together to eat, chat and have fun.

We ate beautiful Caribbean food lovingly prepared by activities leader Jacqui and staff, before coming together to talk about plants, specifically the wonders of herbs and how they can add take our food to new, flavorsome heights!

We discussed the culinary uses of parsley, coriander, chives and mint, getting to grips with each, before sowing our own runner beans!

The group were fantastic participants and a pleasure to spend time with. They asked questions and even taught me a thing or two! At the end of the session each member of the group took home their favorite herbs to help them in their culinary adventures. Thanks to Toxteth Town Hall for having me!