Therapies Improve Blood Pressure

On Thursday 15 August, during the Loving Millennium Green event we decided to do a little experiment. We got people who were wanting to have a hand & arm massage to have their blood pressure read before and after the massage to see if their blood pressure had improved.

We were all pleasantly surprised to see that the participants blood pressure did in fact improve. This just goes to show that when you are having a 'relaxing therapy' it is actually having a positive impact on your health & well being.

One lady who attended the event with her newborn daughter said, "I have never really been one to check on my blood pressure, when I had it done before my massage it was bordering the pre-high blood pressure range, and I thought it was very good to see that after I had an arm & hand massage my blood pressure dropped to a healthier rate. I received a leaflet on ways to reduce my blood pressure naturally and I will be sure to follow the suggestions and live a healthier lifestyle with my family."