Community Clothes Rail - Get Together

I joined the team who organise the Community Clothes Rail events at a event earlier this week. It was inspiring to see how the concept of this reusing and recycling clothes has developed and become embedded.

Donations are an everyday occurrence at Granby Toxteth. We receive on average thirty to forty bags of clothes a week from the community. Thanks to everyone who regularly drop off  their pre-loved clothes and welcome and encourage everyone to consider passing on their clothes to be reused / recycled instead of sending them to landfill. We accept donations Monday to Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm (3.30pm on Fridays).

The event was well attended and had a great atmosphere. Everyone was choosing clothes that would suit some of their friends who were attending the event too. This group encourage each other to try on the clothes too. This type  of activity is great to build up people's confidence and self esteem. This group  want to take this a step further by organising a fashion parade at next month's event. It will be a way to give the group additional confidence and it will show other people just how other people can reuse and upcycle someones elses pre-loved clothes.

I promised the group I will come to their next event to take part and help choose the outfits for the show.