Community Fun Day at St Bedes

Had another successful half term with the young people.The highlight was our family event at St Bedes. There was a wide range of activities for the young people to keep occupied while families found out more about keeping their energy bills manageable this winter.  This complimented our always very successful clothes rail which gave everyone the opportunity to choose  some warmer clothes.We also had a visit from our partners  from Liverpool City Council who are carrying  out a short questionnaire with communities of their thoughts of how we could improve our city.
 Our partner from energy plus Sandra  commented as it was her first visit to one of her events "What a great  turnout considering its such a cold autumn day and thanks for inviting me .Its a great forum to speak to people re their energy bills and what a good selection too of pre-loved clothes  from coats, jumpers and blankets - for all ages. Brilliant "