Keeping Warm and Active

As we start thinking about turning on the heating and the nights are quickly drawing in we are also starting to  plan  with our partners over the winter months.
Many of our ideas come from a lot of the successes we have had during the last year. We are currently planning  a number of initiatives in our Community Places  including our  Health and Well being programmes.
We have for  seen so many people enjoy taking part in our taster well-being classes.These have included:
 The  sessions with a fabulous  coach called Ray who runs his classes under the title of  "Sway with Ray". Ray is so popular as he runs the groups based on the music from the age group he is delivering to.  He certainly gets the groups active in a fun and inclusive way as well as individuals working toward a healthier lifestyle.
Another activity which is popular in our Community events is Tai Chi run by Charles Tsang who has  performed at many of our Community Family Fun days. He has come along to our smaller events to encourage people to have a go and experience the benefits of  relaxation techniques through exercise.

We have tested out these health initiatives in Riverview Development Trust at our regular  Community Living Rooms and our well-being days there with some great feedback and  comments. " "Very enjoyable and relaxing I haven't sat and relaxed and been pampered for a long time "
" Long time since I  laughed as much while getting healthy"
We have recently  linked in with CHATS ( Community Health and Therapies Service part of Age Concern ) and Active Riverside(part of Liverpool City Council whose remit is to encourage specific communities to get healthier ) to develop this programme in other places starting shortly. This is to complement  the other activities and events we hold around Energy and Clothes Rail initiatives in our  Community Places.