Women's Health

We organised an event with the Roma ladies to encourage and discuss our wellbeing and how we can improve it. We discussed the benefits of registering with a doctor and attending on a regular basis as and when necessary. Learning to put ourselves first sometimes knowing that  the priority of all women/ mums  is  putting the  health of our family first . We discussed the benefits of getting for example your blood pressure regularly taken, which if not checked can have serious long term health implications.

We also had our partners from Healthwatch attend explaining the importance of new communities sharing their views on the local NHS service.

We also  talked about how we can relax for example making our own clothes from preloved items. Marcella demonstrated that by making a number of  scarves from one piece of material.

To end our get together we all shared the traditional  dish of Pateuri Cu Branza (cheese, sugar and eggs). I described it as a cheese pastie which the ladies found very funny.

We arranged  to meet with the same group next month to have a look at keeping warm and saving money on their energy bills over the winter months.