GTDT's Community Clothes Rail pays YMCA Kensington a visit

On Monday 4th November 2019, GTDT visited the YMCA hostel in Lister Road, Kensington, L7.
The staff members and residents were very welcoming and friendly, and really enjoyed our latest Community Clothes Rail event that was held there.

The YMCA offer supported accommodation for people experiencing homelessness and give intensive support to individuals with multiple and often complex needs, move on accommodation for individuals closer to their own independence, and offer a specialist service for those experiencing mental ill health and also offer a dedicated young persons service. The YMCA Liverpool is a delivery partner of the Liverpool Waves of Hope Programme.

Mathew, one of the YMCA residents attending the event said, "I am very happy for the extra help and support that GTDT has offered me while I am in this situation". "I have been at the YMCA for almost a year and I am gradually finding my feet" "I was not always like this, I had a home, a family and a job, but through personal difficulties, my life changed."

The YMCA in Lister Road, Kensington, is one of the many hostels that GTDT visit on a regular basis within the Liverpool 7 and 8 area, and GTDT will continue to support, and help to keep people of the community warm this winter by way of offering free clothing and toiletries.

GTDT wishes to thank the staff and volunteers for taking part in our very popular pre-loved community clothes rail events.