Halloween & Bonfire Night.

GTDT Detached Youth Workers distributed 17 Pumpkins to the young people from the Picton Ward. The young people were very excited when receiving the pumpkins, they couldn't wait to go home to carve the pumpkins with their parents.

There was a lot of laughter when they were given Tara's special recipe who works at GTDT to make pumpkin soup, the children thought it was very funny that they could carve the pumpkin as well as use the ingredients to make soup.

Several parents said they had attended the Get Ready For Winter event at GTDT the previous week and tried the pumpkin soup which was delicious, so it was a bonus to be able to make the soup themselves.

The Detached Team had a safe but fun Bonfire Night, stood at the top of Cullen Street watching all the firework displays lighting up the sky with all the lovely children. The children then informed the Outreach staff that they had all discussed the dangers of fireworks in school, which was why they decided to stay close to their home rather than attend a bonfire display.